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Waiver of copyright

The photographer (Timmo Strohm, see legal information of all pictures on this server which are named with an image number ("Bildnummer") AND which are published under a cc-by licence (always right beneath the picture) hereby renounces his copyright under the conditions and within the legal limits of the cc-by licence.

Since you are surfing a German website, this licence will always look like this on this server:.

Creative Commons License
Dieses Werk bzw. Inhalt ist unter einer
Creative Commons-Lizenz

Translation: this work / content is licensed under a Creative Commons licence.


No guarantee

There is NO guarantee or warranty of of any kind EXCEPT for the origin of the pictures. The pictures that I publish on this server under the above conditions are made by me, and I take extensive measures to be always able to prove this. Which means that if you publish the picture on your own website in a different context and respecting the licence, you can be sure that I as the photographer will never charge you for royalties.


Licence under condition

Under the terms of the cc-by, you get the right to publish my images, commercially or non-commercially, AS LONG AS YOU NAME THE AUTHOR IN A LINK (thus: cc-by www.herrliches-ravensburg.de).




Free content


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