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Welcome to Ravensburg!

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Ravensburg is a city in the south of Germany. In 2088, the town will celebrate its 1000th anniversary. For many centuries to this day, Ravensburg has been an important trading centre. Today it is noted mostly for the medieval buildings and towers, which attract many admirers throughout the year.

Being situated between mountainous areas and the Lake of Constance, the town is also famous as a tourist centre.

These pages, however, want to show you the natural treasures of this town. Here you will find photographs of landscape and interesting locations, of plants and animals, of flowers, insects - and, of course, of Ravensburg´s fantastic architecture.

Have a look. And, if you like, have a picture: any picture on these pages is being published under a cc licence, which means that you are free to use them for your purposes AS LONG AS YOU NAME THIS PAGE. All you need to do is name us (e.g. like this: "cc-by www.herrliches-ravensburg.de").

That granted, the pictures may even be used for commercial purposes. And now, enough with the tedious prattle. Feast your eyes on Ravensburg´s rich and wonderful nature. Just click on any picture.


Latest additions:

"Free Icons" offers icons and profile pictures for social networks such as Google+, Facebook, MySpace etc. Even more free than most other pictures on this site, these pictures are public domain.

Also, there is a new category: "Greeting Cards" - send a greeting to a German friend :-)



Ravensburg is one of the ist most wonderful cities I have ever seen. It is a city of medieval towers, a city of games and books, a city close to the mountains and close to one of the largest lakes of Europe. Living in Ravensburg, you are close to the finest skiing, swimming, mountaineering and sightseeing Germany has to offer.

Visit our wonderful town using the virtual tour.

Browse the wildlife, botanics and landscape all around Ravensburg.

Should your mood transgress from watching to coveting - come visit! We - that is all citizens of Ravensburg - are looking forward to receiving your visit. You will find that, as a tourist, you are received like a friend in this town. And leaving it, you will take with you an impression of beauty these pictures can only hint at.

But, for now, it is only the pictures. We hope you enjoy them.



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