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These pages show the photographic work that I have done over the years, mostly in Ravensburg. Please note that I *am* aware of all my shortcomings as a photographer. Nevertheless, these pictures represent a lot of work. Firstly, they had to be taken, then they had to be hand-picked. And I assure you, selecting was what was hardest.

I am pretty sure, also, that almost any flaw or fault that it is humanly possible to be totally obvious in any photography WILL be obvious in these pictures. That is the one thing that I am pretty sure it was possible to show in full splendour - the mistakes a beginner makes.

That does not worry me in the least.

These pictures come without warranty. They want to please your eye, nothing else. If you don´t like it, leave.

What these images should show is a serious effort on my part - and serious beauty on Nature´s part. So, don´t be to hard on me, if the picture is bad, the frog may be pretty nevertheless.

Enough with the excuses. Enjoy! And if any one of you guys out there has a real hint for me, I mean the sort of advice that really helps - just look under "contact" and tell me.







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